WEIHNACHTSDEAL – Wir schenken dir 10% auf JEDE BESTELLUNG!

Wir schenken dir 10% auf JEDE BESTELLUNG!



Toys from Merle Toys® are ...


Educational toys made from sustainable wood bring children closer to nature, having a calming and relaxing effect.


Our toys are made from high-quality wood and can last for generations!


All our toys are thoroughly tested and comply with the current DIN EN 71 safety standard.

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Focusing on
children's development

The unbeatable benefits of wooden toys 💡

Wooden toys have seen a major comeback in recent years – and for good reason! Safety is the key when it comes to playing. Wooden toys are sturdy and long-lasting, stimulate your imagination and creativity, and are free from any harmful substances. 🌱

Merle Toys - Why wooden toys
Merle Toys - Über uns

That's why we exist!

Merle Toys® is a family-owned business from Vienna.

We’ve set out to approach the toy market more innovatively, creating high-quality educational wooden toys that last across generations.

Yet, we never lose sight of our main objective: making children’s eyes light up.

That's why you can trust us:

Developed by educational specialists

At the core of our product development, we always prioritize the needs of children and their development.

Imaginative play

In free play, children create play situations based on their own interests and imagination.

Sustainable learning effect

Our wooden toys are not only fun but also promote a child's cognitive, motor, social, and emotional development.

Independently tested

We have all our toys tested and certified in independent laboratories in Germany.

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Whether it’s about choosing wooden toys or questions about individual products – we’re here to help!